A breakdown of each of the sections is available in the main menu above and the full SPUMS Medical is available for download below. Our statement on diabetes and diving is pending an update and will be available shortly.

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Permission is granted to reproduce this publication in full or in part, in print or electronic form for the purposes of assessment for recreational diving or for education.

  • First edition 1992 (Accepted by the SPUMS Committee 03 February 1991)
  • Second revised edition 1996 (Statement of Health for Recreational Diving replaced Certificate of Fitness to dive)
  • Reprinted 1996
  • Third revised edition 1999
  • Reprinted December 1999
  • Fourth edition December 2010
  • Reprinted July 2011

ISBN 978-0-646-55047-3

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SPUMS suggests that members have pages 11–15 reproduced as the form which they use for their diving medical examinations.  The Statement of Health for Recreational Diving on page 17 should be used as a Certificate of Fitness-to-dive. The Pro-Forma Statement on page 27 should be added to the Certificate in Section B, for use when counseling divers with diabetes about their diving.


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