The Australian and New Zealand Hyperbaric Medicine Group

Introductory Course in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine

Dates: TBC 2019

Venue: Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle, Western Australia

Cost: AUD2,600 (inclusive of GST)

The course content includes:

  • History of diving medicine and hyperbaric oxygen treatment
  • Physics and physiology of diving and compressed gases
  • Presentation, diagnosis and management of diving injuries
  • Assessment of fitness to dive
  • Visit to RFDS base for flying and diving workshop
  • Accepted indications for hyperbaric oxygen treatment
  • Hyperbaric oxygen evidence based medicine
  • Wound management and transcutaneous oximetry
  • In water rescue and management of a seriously ill diver
  • Visit to HMAS Stirling
  • Practical workshops
  • Marine Envenomation

Course Conveners: Dr Ian Gawthrope and Dr Neil Banham

Download a flyer for this course here.

Contact for information:
Sue Conlon, Course Administrator

Royal Adelaide Hospital Medical Officers’ Course in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine 2019


Dates: TBC 2019

Venue: The Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide

Cost: TBC 

Conveners: Dr David Wilkinson, Dr Suzy Szekely

Invited faculty includes: Professor Michael Bennett, Professor Simon Mitchell

The course content includes:

  • Physics and physiology of diving
  • Recreational fitness-to-dive
  • Occupational fitness-to-dive
  • Decompression Illness and non-dysbaric injuries
  • Medical management and return to diving
  • Technical and Professional diving
  • Marine Envenomation
  • Introduction to Hyperbaric Medicine
Contact for information:
Ms Lorna Mirabelli, Course Administrator
Phone: +61-(0)8-8222-5116

Royal Australian Navy Medical Officers’ Underwater Medicine Course 2019

Dates: TBC

Venue: HMAS PenguinSydney

The MOUM course seeks to provide the medical practitioner with an understanding of the range of potential medical problems faced by divers.  Emphasis is placed on the contra­indications to diving and the diving medical assessment, together with the pathophysiology, diagnosis and management of common diving-­related illnesses. The course includes scenario­-based simulation focusing on the management of diving emergencies and workshops covering the key components of the diving medical

Cost: AUD$1,355 without accommodation (tbc with accommodation and meals at HMAS Penguin

For information and application forms contact:
Rajeev Karekar, for Officer in Charge,
Submarine and Underwater Medicine Unit
HMAS Penguin
Middle Head Rd, Mosman
NSW 2088, Australia
Phone: +61 ­(0)2-­9647-5572
Fax: +61­-(0)2­-9647-511